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Concrete Foundations

We will pour your concrete foundation, footers and build your knewall if neccessary. We also offer tile and pavers.


Electrician Connections

We use only state certified electrical contractors t fill all of your needs: New outlets, junction connections,fans, lighting beams or other needs. our eletricians are there to serve you.


Desiging and Drawing

We will show you examples of what we do to give you some ideas. Then sit down with you and incorporate them into a drawing that reflects your vision and wishes. To us thisis the most part of the construction process. Our goal is to insure that you are getting what you really want.


The Engineering and Permitting Process

We know this can be complicated and confusing for you. Sowe will work directly withyour city or countybuilding department to insure this process goes smoothly. We put together your permit package, submitt it, follow it through completion. Our engineering not only meets, but exceeds many industry standards. When your job is completed we call for a final inspection to complete the process.

TC Aluminum
Certified Building Contractor license #cbc1253173. We are also insured and bonded.
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